About us

Mediterranean Distribution Services is a leading distributor services

Mediterranean Distribution Services is a leading distributor services supplier in Europe that is expert in distribution and integration of solutions, products and services. From global distribution and flexible customized solutions to pre-sales and technical assistance, MDS aim to work with partners to respond with agility and speed to changing market conditions so partners can achieve the fastest time to revenue.

Through our extensive knowledge in the technological field and our in-depth understanding of the regional market needs, MDS is able to execute the latest outstanding innovations necessary to select leading edge strategic vendors and technologies that can provide our partners an opportunity to differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive and crowded market.

Our competences are enriched in more than 30 years of activity of our managers in b2b fields for the construction, for industrial products and services and for media production sectors. In particular for industrial fields mainly chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, iron and steel industries, for civil sector mainly for hospitals, hotels, commercial centers, offices and for the electricity production and distribution for power stations and substations.


As a Distributor, MDS offers various services to it’s partners who may not have enough experience in dealing with other services that their clients request. To help partners in achieving and succeeding its objectives, MDS team will work with the partner team closely as well as support to provide other value-added services shown below to the channel partners.


We strive to enhance customer organizations performance through offering a suite of services offerings that boost both efficiency and effectiveness in their businesses.

Our activity for ecommerce

Regarding the supply contract in dropship mode, this allows the seller to outsource the management of the warehouse and the shipment of the products, and normally allows the e-commerce company not to have to buy the goods that it advertises and sells through the site .

MDS Srl creates ecommerce portals for the distribution of products in a dropship mode.

The scheme is as follows:

• we realize the e-commerce site;

• the e-commerce site collects the customer's order and the consideration for the product ordered;

• e-commerce communicates the order received directly to the manufacturer / supplier;

• the manufacturer / supplier prepares, packs and sends the ordered goods to the buyer's address;

• e-commerce will pay the producer the list price / catalog of the goods, retaining for itself the difference with respect to the sale price to the public.

The supplier / manufacturer remains directly responsible for all stages of order management from the moment the order is received until it is processed as in traditional sales.


Improvement in the timing of the purchasing processes

Improvement and innovation of the service offered by suppliers

Reduction of commercial costs

Improvement in warehouse management

Migration from traditional legacy systems to more modern digital platforms

Progressive migration by manufacturers on open and online platforms

Transformation of Digital Storefronts into real eshop where you can make sales of goods and services with more streamlined processes

Cost reduction and customer experience improvement

Development of E-Distributors