Our E-commerce Solution

E-commerce represents a huge opportunity to develop markets, customers and businesses.

E-commerce represents a huge opportunity to develop markets, customers and businesses in all areas of B2B. The spread of the Internet, mobile and B2C e-commerce is redesigning the ways in which a company can research, find, manage and develop customers and orders.

This epochal transformation is also changing the ways in which the purchasing offices interact with their supplier companies. Italian B2B companies do not seem to be at the forefront of digital presence compared to countries like France, Germany and England, and even more compared to more advanced B2B e-commerce markets such as the American and Asian ones, B2B e-commerce represents an unmissable opportunity to develop the entire production system and MDS Srl has detected growing interest from Italian and European companies.

Developing e-commerce channels and capabilities does not only mean developing turnover or margins, but undertaking a transformation that affects all company functions and skills, improving processes, developing the relationship with customers and stimulating the company for innovation.

E-commerce, in B2B even more than in B2C, is based on content, quality and trust, whether they refer to products, relationships or commercial processes.

Italian companies excel in the world for these characteristics and can find new means of communicating these particularities in digital channels.

Having an e-commerce service is now a necessity also in B2B to be able to export to the most attractive countries.

E-commerce is also based, however, on the ability to understand and use technology and new business models which in the context of e-commerce are constantly and rapidly moving. These skills seem weak in Italian companies.

Our mission is precisely to support SMEs and to support them in the development of a B2B e-commerce project taking care of all aspects: strategic choices, technologies, marketing models, impacts on logistics systems, payment systems, marketplaces and e-distributors; up to make available to the Customer our autonomous platform through which to sell even only a part of its products.

Our activity for ecommerce

Regarding the supply contract in dropship mode, this allows the seller to outsource the management of the warehouse and the shipment of the products, and normally allows the e-commerce company not to have to buy the goods that it advertises and sells through the site .

MDS Srl creates ecommerce portals for the distribution of products in a dropship mode.

The scheme is as follows:

• we realize the e-commerce site;

• the e-commerce site collects the customer's order and the consideration for the product ordered;

• e-commerce communicates the order received directly to the manufacturer / supplier;

• the manufacturer / supplier prepares, packs and sends the ordered goods to the buyer's address;

• e-commerce will pay the producer the list price / catalog of the goods, retaining for itself the difference with respect to the sale price to the public.

The supplier / manufacturer remains directly responsible for all stages of order management from the moment the order is received until it is processed as in traditional sales.

Characteristics of our Solution

The characteristics of our offer are perfectly represented by the commitments shared with our interlocutors:

1. We make sure that the photos, the description, the colors, the weight, the functions, the characteristics of the product (or service) described on the website, correspond exactly to the product that the customer will receive or to the service actually used

2. Once the goods have been received, the customer / consumer always has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of delivery, without having to provide any reason and without incurring additional costs, with the exception of the direct cost of returning the goods (delivery). The seller must reimburse the customer / consumer for the amount paid, but he will be able to withhold the refund until he receives the goods or until the customer / consumer proves to have sent it back;

3. We will deliver the goods within the times indicated and, in case of delay, promptly notify the customer / consumer.

4. If the goods arrive at their destination damaged or defective, and if the customer / consumer manages to provide credible proof of this, the seller will replace the goods at his own expense, keeping the customer / consumer harmless from any burden;

5. The conditions of use and sale, which govern the relations between the parties, are always published and visible on the e-commerce site. The conditions will eventually be updated according to the provisions of the Consumer Code.

6. We respond promptly to any customer / consumer requests, providing all the details regarding the goods marketed, the order, the processing times, the guarantee on the goods, etc.


Improvement in the timing of the purchasing processes

Improvement and innovation of the service offered by suppliers

Reduction of commercial costs

Improvement in warehouse management

Migration from traditional legacy systems to more modern digital platforms

Progressive migration by manufacturers on open and online platforms

Transformation of Digital Storefronts into real eshop where you can make sales of goods and services with more streamlined processes

Cost reduction and customer experience improvement

Development of E-Distributors