E-commerce represents a huge opportunity to develop markets, customers and businesses in all areas of B2B.

The spread of the Internet, mobile and B2C e-commerce is redesigning the ways in which a company can research, find, manage and develop customers and orders.

This epochal transformation is also changing the ways in which the purchasing offices interact with their supplier companies. Italian B2B companies do not seem to be at the forefront of digital presence compared to countries like France, Germany and England, and even more compared to more advanced B2B e-commerce markets such as the American and Asian ones, B2B e-commerce represents an unmissable opportunity to develop the entire production system and MDS Srl has detected growing interest from Italian and European companies.

Developing e-commerce channels and capabilities does not only mean developing turnover or margins, but undertaking a transformation that affects all company functions and skills, improving processes, developing the relationship with customers and stimulating the company for innovation.